3walls immersive room

Build Your Own Immersive Room

We can construct the immersive room for you, or provide guidance if you want to build it yourself. Below are the room component specifications. Please contact us if you need any help with the build or have additional questions.

An Immersive Space

A key part of transforming a learning environment is changing how the space is perceived. Our rooms have two zones – an interactive screening area and a flexible seating space for group work. The balance between individual and collaborative activities is key for an engaging experience.

The Ideal Size

What room dimensions work best? We recommend a width of 7 meters and length of 9 meters. This allows for a spacious projecting surface as well as having enough room for students to collaborate comfortably at seats/tables.

Let us know if you need any other information about designing your immersive room! We’re happy to help bring your vision to life.

The Screening

Screens – You can use any screen that is the right size, but we build the three walls from drywall. Each wing is 3.60 meters wide and 2.40 meters high. It is important to understand that the projection ratio is 16:9. Therefore, the construction should match this accordingly. This is why the main screen cannot exceed 3.60 meters wide if the ceiling height is limited (due to the 16:9 projection ratio). As a result, the shape of the projection area is a semi-hexagon.

Projectors – Basic and inexpensive projectors cannot be used because their throw ratios do not allow installation close to the screens. If the projector is far from the screen, there will be shading issues and students cannot interact with the screens. The throw ratio refers to the distance from the screen compared to the projected image size. We need a throw ratio between 1:0.5 and 1:0.25. This may increase the projector price.


A computer with a good i7 processor, substantial memory, etc. is recommended. The most important component is a dedicated video card that supports at least 4 HDMI ports. The computer should be kept in a locked cabinet with the other AV equipment, including charging stations for laptops and tablets.

Equipment for Students

The interaction and engagement of students in learning is not only a result of the touch technology on the walls, but a combination of tasks performed on tablets around the tables. Therefore, in our rooms we recommend purchasing tablets at a ratio of one tablet for every three students.

3walls software was developed by us and consists of:

Lesson Library

A website that is actually a content library with lesson “cards” similar to the way videos are presented on YouTube, Netflix, etc…

What is a lesson?

A series of segments composed of images, videos, web pages

A regular segment includes 3 screens – right/middle/left – and in each one you can insert an image/video/web address

A panoramic segment currently includes a panoramic image and in the future will include video and web addresses.


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