3walls immersive room

Room Components

We can build the room for you, or you can build it by yourself. That’s why we’ll write down the room components’ specifications. You are always welcome to contact us.

The Space Size

A large part of the process of changing the structure of a lesson stems not only from the projection and interactivity screens but also from a different perception of the learning space. Therefore, the room consists of two parts. The screening area and a seating area for students, the purpose of which is to create a suitable atmosphere for working in groups. The balance between the time students work in groups on tasks around a desk and the virtual screening space where there is interactivity is what will determine the success of the activity in the room.

What is the ideal room size? 7 meters wide, 12-13 meters long. This is the video room where the side screens can be opened wide enough so that students can see the representation on the other side of the room. This size allows you to create 6-7 workspaces for students.

The Screening

Screens – You can use any type of screen that is the right size, but we build the three walls from wooden frames. Each wing consists of three wooden frames – 3.60 meters wide and 2.44 high. It is important to understand that the projection ratio is 9:16. Therefore, the construction should be accordingly. This is why the main screen cannot be wider than 3.60 meters if the ceiling is not high (because of the projection ratio).
And so, in fact, the shape of the projection area is a kind of semi-hexagonal.

Projectors – The simplest and cheapest projectors cannot be used because their Throw Ratio does not allow them to be installed close to screens. If we install the projector far from the screen, there will be shading, and students will not be able to get close to the screens, so they will not be able to interact. The term Throw Ratio is the ratio of the distance from the screen to the size to which the projection opens. For that matter, we need a ratio of 1: 0.5 to 1: 0.25. This figure may increase the price of projectors.


A relatively good computer with an i7 processor, wide memory, etc., is desirable. The most important element in a computer is the video card that needs to support 4 HDMI or ports. A computer of this type costs between 6,000 and NIS 8,000.
The computer should be in a locked cabinet with the rest of the equipment and a charging station for the computers and tablets.

Equipment for Students

It will not be possible to operate the space without laptops. One for each work group. Therefore, 6-8 computers are needed, as well as 6 tablets for the students to work with, mainly on interacting with the projection screens.


It is highly recommended to create a pleasant space for working in groups. Pleasant lighting, suitable tables, preferably at different heights, chairs, benches, small shelves with sockets, etc.

Computer Software

The projection panorama is created by three video files that are synchronized in a video player. The software displays the three players across the three screens, and pressing the keyboard activates the command in the three players in sync. We are in the development stages of more sophisticated software that “knows” how to do more things…

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