Interactive exhibition

Daniel’s interactive photography exhibition

Daniel, an 8th grader at one of Ashdod’s high school, is a passionate photographer. In the immersive room, we decided to produce a virtual exhibition with his nature photos. Rather than printing the photos, they will be projected on the wall as a virtual exhibition. In order to view the exhibition in the immersive room, classes from his grade were invited to attend the exhibition. Daniel seemed to be stressed by the fact that he would have to explain things and what he would tell them… since he is neither a teacher nor a guide.

As such, we wanted to make the exhibition of Daniel’s nature photographs an experiential event rather than a lecture. The first step was to use augmented reality to present the video created automatically on the iPhone after taking the photos. Therefore, if a snail appears in the picture, the mobiles will show the snail crawling. It’s nice, but not enough…

As we moved on to the second stage, we realized that we wanted to engage students more fully and give the exhibition the volume of a full lesson. As a result, our format was born as follows:

There is a first stage – a display with background music that the students sit down to watch.

In the second step, students scan photos using augmented reality and discover information about the animal or plant based on “Did you know?” questions.

In the third step, students participate in Kahot-style quizzes (in a different application, Quizis), in which knowledge is tested in groups or individually.

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