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The challenge – creating low-budget media for an immersive room

The creation of immersive media is one of the biggest challenges in an immersive room  What does this mean?

The basic immersive experience takes place in a room with at least three projection walls, where the images or videos projected on the walls can transport the participant to another place, time, or even to another reality. One of the most well-known examples is the Van Gogh exhibition. In a large immersive room, visitors experienced Van Gogh’s works through video and sound. The paintings were turned into a video by artists, and this is a beautiful example of an immersive experience, but it is also extremely expensive. Manufacturing costs are high.

Using artificial intelligence in an immersive room

Assuming we don’t have a million dollar budget and we can’t produce a world-class exhibition, what can we do if we have an immersive room at our school or community center? My answer here is correct for the month of November 2022, but in a few months there might be more apps, devices, and software available that will allow more ways to create media and content for immersive rooms. Perhaps I’ll start with the last thing I started working on last September – using artificial intelligence to create media. On 9.22, the general public was allowed to use the Dalle 2 software. An important feature of the software is the ability to enlarge images. Thus, you can take a square image of 1080 x 1080 pixels and use it as the basis for producing a panoramic image of 5760 x 1080 that will be projected over three projectors. 

Expanding a work with the help of Dalle 2 software

The following are two examples.

An enlargement of a famous artist’s picture. In the first example, I took two famous Dali and Picasso pictures and defined an overlapping area to begin the expansion. In addition, I wrote a description of what I want to appear in the picture. Since the images are of famous artists, Dalle-2  software already knows the style and creates an extension that is very similar to the original and really continues it.

Expansion of the original image. I was afraid that the software would not be able to produce the extension in the style of the illustrator. However, it turns out that the software is capable of doing this. Following that, I described what I wanted to be next – a prison corridor with steel doors and locks.

In the prison corridor, a prisoner carries a food cart while two guards accompany him, etc. Based on my request, the software created an immersive panorama based on the original image’s style.

In another post, I’ll discuss immersive photography, including which cameras can be used and the results of each option for creating immersive media.

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