immersive learning examples

Interdisciplinary study – that aims to combine learning English with learning about places in Jerusalem during Jerusalem Week.
The animated character, Linden, presents the activity. Students can obtain the key to the city gate by answering questions on Google Forms. The information is behind the doors that “take” students to various sites in the city.

Remembrance Day for former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin – the activity includes an exhibition with pictures from different periods in his life.

Each image leads to a short video about the period and continues to an activity where students are asked to answer questions related to a particular value that arises from the period.

Heritage project – heritage work done differently. Students choose one family story from several categories. They write a script and create a one-minute video that tells the family story. Students then connect all the videos to a shared class representation called the shared story. The peak day is the day when parents are invited with their children to watch the representation.

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