google earth studio

Imagine having a drone and being able to shoot anywhere in the world - it already exists.

immersive video of earth

Creating an immersive video

for panoramic projection, such as in a 3 wall immersive room, is the focus of this tutorial.

Google earth Studio allows you to create video just as if you have remote control of a drone in your hand.

Using the timeline, you can take very precise shots and pack them into an MP4 video.

how this magic happen?

As soon as I enter the app, I choose the Blank Project option and not a quick project.

I prefer full HD, 1080, but you can choose 4k or any other resolution if you wish.

With 450 frames as the default, you’ll get a 15-second video.

I leave the frame rate at 30 FPS so that the video won’t be too heavy.

I am currently in edit mode of two screens because I want to see both the map and satellite view.

During edit mode, if you only see the satellite, click View – Multi view – 2 view points.

I am now setting the starting point of the video – I am looking for it with the mouse.

Forward and backward, right and left ….

By holding the alt button and pressing the left mouse button, I can pan or tilt from the point where I am.

Okay, I have a starting point.

I can always change other things in the timeline if I need to.

Upon selecting the right point, I click on Keyframe All Attributes and the timeline’s starting point is set.

In order to determine the path off the camera, I will go to the end of the timeline, choose another point, and click keyframe all attributes.

That’s it have a video.

I saved the file and rendered it to mp4 in Google Cloud and then downloaded it to my computer.

I’m going back to editing.

The next step is to create another video on the same path, but from a different angle.

As soon as I save the current file, I do “Save as” and give it a new name, such as “Mount Carmel right”.

Now I just need to adjust the camera angle.

There is a possibility that it will be more or less accurate…

Nevertheless, the shooting angle is 33 degrees, so you can change the angle in the time line to be more precise.

I am rendering the project after saving it.

Makes another file to the left, and you have a panorama video from Google Earth.

Google’s logo appears with the photo supplier name.

This logo is a minimum requirement for using this free application.

Obviously, this is not a comprehensive guide to Google Earth Studio, so if you want more details, you can find them on other YouTube channels that explain the software in more detail.

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