Video editing in canva

The name canva has been associated with graphic design, wedding invitations, etc. As a result of canva’s recent focus on video editing, you can now edit videos in the software and benefit from all the benefits of canva – a simple interface, ready-made templates, and the ability to collaborate with colleagues.

Format selection

Under the “Video” tab, there are many options, and Canva simplifies the process. They ask if it is designed for Facebook, Tiktok, mobile, YouTube, etc. So The resolution they provide already meets our needs. Because the video will be projected from a video projector, we choose “video”, the YouTube option will also work.

You can simplify your life by choosing a ready-made template. Please note that if you’re on the free version, you cannot take a paid template. To demonstrate the concept, we did not select a template.

background, frames, text and schedule

Choosing a background is the first step. The crown icon indicates a paid element. Once we have selected a background, we would like to add an image to our slide.

Now let’s take a look at one of the most beautiful things about canvas – frames. Drag the image to a frame and bingo – the image is cut and adapted to its shape.

You can choose between title / subtitle or regular text fonts. Canva has already combined all kinds of options for us here as well.

Afterward, we will schedule the slide, which means we will determine how long it will appear in the video. In the timeline, we will click on the three dots below the slide and select the desired number of seconds.

adding elements and animations

After that, we will add another slide, select a background, and add nice elements related to the topic. A wide variety of elements are available in Canva, and you only need to search in the search panel. When we enter “trip” in the search box, we will find directions signs, vehicles, binoculars, and more… Some of the elements are pictures, while others are animated. In the slide, we will select and combine them.

The entry and exit animations make the video more dynamic and youthful, so you can add them to any element. Free accounts cannot set the timing of animations, i.e. their duration, because this is only possible in premium accounts.

adding sound and download

Click “Upload” and then “Audio” to add sound – you can then upload music from your computer, a recording, or select from the canva database. Whenever the mouse line is on the timeline, the audio file will be “thrown” there. This is the point at which the music will begin.

You can also upload pictures and videos from your computer to canva under the uploads tab. You can download the video to your computer after you have finished editing it by clicking on “Share” – Download – MP4 file. Save the video in a relevant folder with a relevant name that you will remember if you need to find it again.

A premium element within the editor will prevent you from downloading it without paying.

partners for edit

My last point is the possibility of joint editing. You can choose partners for the design in the sharing button. Providing them editor permission is easy if they already have a canva account. Just like Google Docs, now you can edit videos together. As for now, see you soon…

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