3walls – immersive learning

We are starting the change with 3walls Venture

The change from frontal learning, one that has difficulty reaching the world of the students, to another learning – one that envelops them and places them in the middle of the story. In other words, immersive learning.

Immersive Learning Environments

In the immersive learning space, students are surrounded by video and sound and are active. We can take them anywhere and anytime, defying physical boundaries. In one activity, they find themselves in a historical museum with archeological exhibits, and in another activity, they are in an old chemical laboratory or ancient Egypt.

Museum or Escape Room Inside the School

3walls allows one room in the school (or anywhere else) to be a museum, an escape room, or an exhibition room. With a click of a button, we can switch between activities. 3walls breaks the learning structure we know from class and turns it into something else, one that will suit students in 2022.

Using augmented reality and other technologies

Interaction with the screens is created on tablets or laptops using augmented reality apps.

Immersive room in Het high school, Ashdod
Het high school, Ashdod - Master class students, in an alternative assessment, created a series of math questions. Background - A trip to France where they move between places and events.
Hakyria high school, Ashdod - Yitzhak Rabin Memorial Day activities. The representative takes the students to the square in 1995 and discusses democracy and incitement with them.
Immersive room in The multidisciplinary high school, Ofakim
The multidisciplinary high school, Ofakim – Two teachers on the school staff, Tali and Yuval, created an activity about the Holocaust. All the activity was produced by them
Het high school, Ashdod - A Hebrew day escape room. During the Ottoman period, students helped prove Eliezer Ben Yehuda's innocence after he was accused of military activities.
Roots activity for seventh graders in the immersive room.
Middle School, HaRishonim, Hod Hasharon - heritage project in the immersive room. The shared story - A common story of the class is created by combining personal stories.
Yitzhak Navon high school, ashdod - November 29th activity. Students read Rodriguez' diary and learn about UNESCO's considerations and debates regarding the future Palestine.

The Concept of 3walls Immersive Learning

  • Complete immersive space that includes seating areas
  • The activities are suitable for a large number of students, working between the projection boards and the workspaces
  • The projection boards become interactive by using tablets and laptops
  • Using augmented reality AR in a creative way
  • A database of pedagogical content 
Third place in the innovation competition in digital learning
Third place in the competition for excellence in digital learning - Banks, high-tech companies, healthcare organizations, communications companies, universities, and more also participated in the competition.
Escape room in an immersive room in school
The change is already here - Join the six schools where the room operates. A school room can be turned into a museum or an escape room, all with the click of a button.
Article in "It's time for education" magazine
Article in "It's time for education" magazine - What are the characteristics of the immersive learning of 3 walls room, and what are the steps for building the right activity that brings out the room and the immersiveness?
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