3walls – immersive room

Starting the Change with 3walls Venture

We are transforming learning from the traditional frontal style, which often fails to fully engage students, to an immersive style that envelops and involves them. In other words, we are bringing immersive learning into immersive rooms.

Immersive Learning Environments

In a 3walls immersive room, students are surrounded by video, sound, and interactive elements, placing them at the center of an engaging experience. We can transport them anywhere and any time, defying physical boundaries. In one activity, they may find themselves in a historical museum filled with archaeological exhibits. In another, they could be in an old chemistry lab or ancient Egypt.

Museum or Escape Room Inside the School

3walls immersive rooms allows a room in the school (or any location) to be transformed into a museum, an escape room, or an exhibition space with the click of a button. We can easily switch between different activities and environments. 3walls breaks away from the traditional classroom structure and creates an experience better suited for today’s students.

Using augmented reality, touch screens, and other technologies, 3walls builds highly interactive and engaging spaces. Students can explore exhibits, solve puzzles, and actively participate unlike in a typical classroom setting. Interaction happens through augmented reality apps on tablets and laptops or through touch screens and other hands-on technologies.

Transport to global wonders without leaving the room - Students immerse in virtual travel worlds, exploring landscapes and cultures through transformative interactive technology.
Daniel's passion - Within the immersive wonders of the virtual room, Daniel's passion for nature photography springs to vivid life through his creative interactive exhibit designs.
Bird migration - Students embark on an immersive avian odyssey, flying alongside migrating birds through interactive landscapes, completing educational challenges along the way.
Escape rooms - Students transported across interactive spaces, unraveling cryptic puzzles in suspenseful escape room brought to life through immersive technology.
Immersive exhibition - the World Press Photo exhibition within the immersive room's virtual landscapes, spotlighting impactful images fostering cross-cultural discussions.
Teachers build engaging immersive lessons ,seamlessly integrating interactive apps into virtual landscapes, leveraging familiar platforms like Genially and Wordwall.

The Concept of 3walls Immersive Learning

  • The immersive room is large enough to have work areas in order to have a complete immersive space.

  • The engagement of the students is not only by touch technology, but by the extensive use of different learning technologies.
  • The interaction with the boards takes place both by touch technology and by augmented reality.
  • The content software knows how to embed almost any website or web page and the touch software knows how to make them interactive on the projection boards.
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